Hanging Art Shelves

For a while, there had been a craze about hanging art shelves. It still is largely found in a lot of homes I visit mainly because it is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. One could either hang an art above the shelf next to a smaller art along with various decorative objects.
Image via: Elle Decor

It adds flavor to a rather lifeless blank wall. The various depths found in leaning art works against the wall in contrast to books or treasured mementoes from travel provoke interest for guests to marvel on while waiting. These artworks could even overlap each other. Black and white prints are always very stylish.

I found this interesting image of Art Shelves in Apartment Therapy where two sets are aligned with the closest book shelf level above the height of the arm chair backrest. This creates a perfect balance between the vertical and horizontal arrangement of the shelves.

It's a stunning contrast against a statement couch.
Image via: Houzz
Now, if I can convince my hubby to drill more holes in our apartment :) I don't think so..
Happy Tuesday!