Breaking Through the Block

I have been going through an artist's block these past few weeks. The well of creativity seemed to have dried up and I was constantly forcing myself through a strong brick wall blocking me from painting again. I often catch myself staring at my canvas for hours. I couldn't start a new one since my artist teacher left for good. I have stopped since I left behind my unfinished painting in the Art Studio.

I embarked on a self retreat to pursue creativity, hence the temporary absence here in my blog. Guess what I did:

1. A dialogue with a dear artist friend, Tyago Almario about his new painting and upcoming exhibit. His assurance that we all go through this phase every now and then was uplifting. An exchange of our favorite classical music playlist deemed helpful.

2. A trip to an Art Gallery /Cafe', eating my favorite cassoulet while enjoying the exhibited paintings on the gallery wall.

3. Listen to music. As for me, Chopin's Tristesse (Etude no. 3 Opera 10 in E Flat Major) and immersing myself in Baroque Music of Bach and Brahms.

4. Meditation. Clearing of one's head in the power of silence.

5. Cuddling with my cat, Tiptoe while listening to Carla Bruni's music.

. Sketching in pen & ink

7. Let loose. Singing and Dancing at a party

8. Chatting with like-minded people. Conversation about the music era during college days with school mates from College of Fine Arts I met by chance at a party.

9. Lots of Sleep

10. Reading my favorite bloggers in my daily reads. They have provided great inspiration. Thanks to: A Diary of Lovely, Decorista and Hello Splendor.
If I had the opportunity and means at the moment, I would have also:

11. Gone travelling down under where it's not too cold. Taken a nice walk in Nature (Perhaps a walk in the desert could be an alternative)

12. Visited an artist who live in France and watch him work in his barn converted studio despite the freezing weather.

Looking forward to get back to my easel soon and I hope the above works for those of you who are going through the same thing.

Guess what: Image 1 was taken in Marais Poitevin in France 2010, Image 2 was sent to me by Tyago Almario, Tiptoe (cat) image by moi , the bedroom scene from my sketch pad, and the last picture I took in Avon River, Christchurch, NZ in 2007.

Other Images via:
Cooking Light , Body Shop , Stress Less in Las Vegas

Have a great weekend!
Love & light,