Morning at the Beach

What to do on a Saturday?  For those living in the gulf with no work today and wouldn't like to spend money except for gas, try this: 

At 6:00 AM, drive to Jumeirah Beach Road turning right (Abu Dhabi Bound) at the intersection before Jumeirah Beach Hotel towards the open beach.   There you'll have this magnificent view of Burj Al Arab.  

I was alone.  The weather is refreshingly cool. Take a thermos of hot coffee with you, a shawl and you're good to go.  If you'd like to linger further, grab a mat with you and a good read.  It is relaxing because there are lots of parking space available  and you don't even have to pay for a parking ticket yet this early in the morning. 

I unwillingly tried it recently and loved it.  The above photo however was taken around 9AM.   The waves at six are huge and there are a lot of graceful surfers on the water and joggers on the shore.  There are occasional tourists along the pavement snapping away.  The salty breeze and sound of the waves will definitely resonate throughout your day.