Carrot Cake Challenge

How's the first day of the work week going?   Yesterday, I had a hard time continuing the big painting. I ended up working on another unfinished piece instead.  By 3PM, I felt like doing something else so I thought, "Why don't I bake?"   I have never baked my entire life.  However, I have given myself a challenge to be able to master carrot cake so that I could make one for my Mother- in-law's birthday this summer.  So here it is.  My version  is pretty rough and it's great that it's moist but a bit rich.  I love the way the carrot and walnuts blended together with cream cheese icing.

It was exciting to do.  I just followed  Joy of Baking Recipe.  Do give it a try and it'll take your mind off whatever it is you feel like you're stuck in.  It made me feel better despite all the mess I've done in the kitchen. :)





  1. I sometimes do this with my creative energy...I just take it somewhere new. This looks divine btw.

    PS thanks for participating in my last blog mingle. I'm doing this again tomorrow.

  2. Thanks so much Tina. I always enjoy participating in your blog mingle. You're such a great host. The topics help me reflect on things while discovering new and interesting bloggers at the same time. Count me in again tomorrow :)

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  4. Thanks for stopping by! Yum...that cake looks awesome! Baking always gets me out of feeling "stuck".

  5. I'm not a big baker, either, but you're right, it's great for de-stressing and feeling accomplished. The cake looks yummy, by the way.
    (Stopping over from Tina's blog mingle...)

  6. Thanks for your message, Lucy and for visiting.

    Thanks Jessica for stopping by.