Walk-in Pantry

It's already a given that all of us women dream of large walk-in closets.  Who wouldn't want one?  Long behold a walk-in pantry in your dream kitchen!  For those blessed with space living far far away from the hypermarkets, this is a dream addition that will might as well become a necessity.

Pantry traditional kitchen
Design by San Francisco's Gast Architects

 I simply love the white paneled walls and order inside this pantry.
The country feel of this pantry whispers ''home''.

It is a great storage space for those gadgets we use once a year. 

Marielle  kitchen


The key is to be organized.  It might be a nightmare otherwise.  Position the canned goods you purchased before in front and always re-fill by placing the new ones behind.  In this way, you use the previous ones first and avoid throwing them in the bin if they exceed the expiration date way beyond the tolerable period.

Marielle  kitchen
Go green!

Marielle  kitchen
Go subtle..
Take your pick! 
Happy Tuesday!

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