Color Happy

Weekend is upon us!  What are your plans?

One of my self challenges for this year and the rest of eternity is to not be afraid of color.  My current home screams neutral hues.  I admit that when I was a lot younger, I designed homes and used bright reds and almost cobalt blues  in a single room. Unfortunately, I am unable to post those photos here as they're all in a floppy disk.  Now that makes you think, how old is Design Gourmande?  Just like what Gossip Girl says, "That's one secret I'll never tell."  Just kidding. Back to our subject.

Color affects one's psyche.
Combinations of color in harmony can do stimulating wonders.

Painted Cupboards
Photo by Chotda

Photo by Tria Giovan

Fear not.
What would be the wildest color you can ever be comfortable with on your wall?

Have a great weekend!

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