Top 10 Office Bar Stools

As I was searching for bar stools for the office I'm designing right now, I thought of compiling Design Gourmande's top 10 favorite bar stools for the office.  These are all randomly numbered.  Here goes:

1.Koncord Bar Stool by Karim Rashid for Slide
2. Glenn Bar Stool by IKEA
3.  Jamaica Bar Stools - Knoll
4. Alderan by Menguzzato & Nascimben for Ibebi Design
5. Bertoia Bar Stools - Knoll
6. LEM Piston Bar Stool by Shin Tomoko & Azumi
7. Urban Bar Stool by  IKEA
8. ARP Bar Stool by Karim Rashid - Pure Design Canada.
9. Bloob bar stool by Karim Rashid - Frighetto
10. Spoon stool by Antonio Citterio - Kartell



  1. Genius! I'm fanatical about browsing whatever stool design it is.
    This was a wonderful way to make use of a perfectly design office or bar stool. Very nice!