A Gourmande's Exceptional Night

1. Dinner in style at a Michelin-star restaurant.

Last night, I invited my hubby to fulfill a lifelong goal to dine out in style.   Michelin stars started in France in 1926, so why not experience it in a Three-star Michelin restaurant with a contemporary french flavor that has very strong traditional roots.  With perfect timing, I immediately booked reservations two weeks prior when I heard that the 3- star Michelin Chef, Pierre Gagnaire is visiting Dubai this month.  Time Out Dubai featured it as one of the highlights of the social and culinary scene in January. 


From the moment I received the confirmation letter from  Reflets Par Pierre Gagnaire delicately printed on their letterhead with detailed recommendations, I knew this is going to be a delightful experience.  It proved to be so, as we were led to the private elevator of Intercontinental Hotel leading straight to the restaurant.

The culinary experience was unforgettable.  The maĆ®tre d' was charmingly warm and welcoming throughout the four-course meal.  My hubby and I have similar tastes in food so we both ended up ordering the foie gras terrine for starters after enjoying the aperitif and the boeuf wagyu as le plat principal that explodes with flavor in my mouth with every bite.  

The guilty pleasure was running through my veins throughout the evening, but I made sure I enjoy each and every second of it.  We were grateful to have had the opportunity to meet the chef, Pierre Gagnaire.  He stopped by our table while I was sipping  the fruity red wine.  

If I have to sum up this gourmande's culinary dream in one word, I would defintely say, "Impeccable!"