Utility Room Deco Ideas

How's your Monday going?  Hope we all start this week with a big smile.  As we plunge into the work week, I'd like to write about one of the niggles I've been trying to avoid. Don't we all?  It  is organizing the utility room.  (So boring, right?)

Let's make the utility room a fun storage place then.  We should consider ourselves lucky if ever we have one.  It's a luxury to have one nowadays especially living within a highly priced vicinity.   If ever we are missing this space, convert a wasted corner into a concealed storage closet or convert an empty wall available in the service area of your flat.

#1  Take advantage of your wall space.  Attach metal planters with funky labels.

# 2  Keep the room tidy with all-white scheme.
This keeps the room fresh and organized throughout the week.
It makes the chore breezy and easy.

# 3  Choose a style theme for your Utility Room
50's Style Laundry Room
Splashes of sky blue paint and canary yellow are stimulating.
Add 50s style with the text art and classic looking appliance.

# 4  Pretty in Pink
Let's channel all our Barbie-loving psyche outwards and paint the walls pink.
Accessorize with a darker polka dot towel, neutral hued rustic furniture to tone it down a bit 
with a chessboard vinyl flooring to match.

# 5  Vintage Look
Use retro accessories. Sink by Lassco. Laundry hanpers, containers and shelf organizers
all work together to make it clutter free. The graphic sticker on the washing machine
personalizes the look.  


Who says we can't turn a space we tend to avoid into a fun nook?
As for me, it is my cat turns our silly storage into a happening place! :)

Have a great week ahead.

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