Go the Extra Mile

How's your week going?   Mine, I'm trying to keep up. I have been preoccupied with work and I've taken on some pretty challenging tasks.  As my mom labeled them as ''going the extra mile'' from Napoleon Hill.  These are tasks that are not really part of our job, but taking the initiative to help others without expecting compensation because we are willing to do it out of a positive mental attitude. Let's see where that leads. :)

The perks I get from these voluntary tasks are; a bursting sense of purpose, motivation, inspiration, lots of learning from mistakes, new techniques and new information leading to learning a new skill, increased confidence and that wonderful feeling when the colleague or boss asking for help smiles with gratitude. I think the rewards are already enough to compensate for the extra hours put in and the adventurous feeling doing it.

I love the sound of that--Go the extra mile.  Speak soon.   Wishing you all a wonderful week!