Love Doing What

Hello everyone!  I was touched by this quote. It sums up my feelings for the last few weeks.  I have been away from the brushes and easel for quite a while and I miss it.  There are two pending paintings waiting to be finished and I hope to finish them soon enough to start a new one.

I just thought of some questions that I used to ask myself when I was searching for passion.  Life has a bland way of expressing humor when this whole time, what I like doing has been right in front of me. I was just too afraid to admit it.  I was in denial for a long time.  I'm still in the process of coming right out and hopefully one day I get to do what I absolutely love.

  • Which activity makes you smile while you're doing them?
  • What is it that makes you so excited, you start forgetting the challenges you're currently facing?
  • What were you mostly occupied doing when you were a little kid?  Something that matters a lot to you and you absolutely love doing?
  • Is there a place you go to that makes you genuinely happy?  Where is that place and what does it tell you?

I can hear my husband saying, " I don't think. It makes me tired."  as my laughter echoes back drowning the thoughts surfacing from somewhere unknown to me.

Asking myself those questions, I remember watching my artist neighbor paint.  I would try to buy candies from his wife at their small store so that I could go to their house to watch him work on his canvas. I asked him a lot of questions about art and I knew then I wanted to paint too.

I also remember drawing a lot on paper and posting all of these drawings on the garage wall of my cousin's house to turn it into a gallery. I was charging an entrance fee for anyone who wants to look at them  even at my aunt who owns the house. :)

It may sound silly but these type of memories most often than not reflect some sort of sign guiding us what we are meant to do. Urging us to work on a skill that we may not even know exists.

May you find what you're looking for.
Happy Thoughts!