Movie Inspiration: 500 Days of Summer

You must think I've been living under the rock. It was only last night that I got to see 500 Days of Summer and I fell in love with it. The scenes are artistic and the interiors in this film just took my breath away.  

I'm sure you must have seen it already, so I'll focus on the swoon worthy interiors featured in this film instead. The make-believe scenes inside IKEA, Tom's (Joseph Gordon Levitt) apartment,  Summer's (Zooey Deschanel) bedroom, and the architectural sketches are so inspiring, I felt like pausing the remote to grab my sketchpad.

Plan / Mural  / Living Space {Source}

Here's Tom's  Apartment where he drew architectural perspectives on the chalk wall. 
Chalkboard Mural
For a feminine vibe, I like the arrangement inside Summer's flat. 

The IKEA trips that we all enjoy every now and then captured beautifully on film. 

If you're craving for a dose of creativity, try watching this film. 
It goes with a lovely soundtrack too. I don't mind watching it again.
Wishing you  a great week everyone!




  1. I feel you. I love this film, too. From the design, setting, story, soundtracks, actors, lines, the story, and each actor's clothing. It's just perfect. :D

  2. You can get a lot of inspiration from that movie!

  3. one of my faveeee movies ever. i did an outfit inspiration post based on it. my sis and i watch it every time we visit.