Furniture Shopping

One of my favorite things to do that never fails to cheer me up when I'm down, is browsing through furniture shops.  Being surrounded by home ware, furniture and accessories always light up my spirits and give me a shot of enthusiasm.  Energy levels elevate with or without a shopping bag upon leaving the store. 

It's the Dubai Shopping Festival!  One word-  Sale.  Over the top discounts.  The best season to buy in Doobie-land. Think Dubai, probably inspired by the words "Do Buy".  Annually, this festival falls on January that lasts for a month.   From fashion to electronic stores with large red banners screaming our favorite word.  It's the best time for tourists to take that Emirates/ Etihad flight stopover and enjoy the 12- 14 Degrees Celsius temperature having lunch outdoors while staring at Burj Khalifa.

I took snapshots inside the theatrical home fashion showroom of THE OneThis bed tray caught my eye. I've been looking for a functional one like this. for quite some time.

Clockwise-Top Left: Must have bed tray / Four poster Double Bed on Sale /  SIA Home
These are pillows my friend and I purchased for her apartment.  I love it when I'm spending someone else's money in a furniture store. :)

Photo by: Tintin I.

Happy shopping everyone!



  1. That looks great! I have an old dresser I am hoping to redo soon too. Thanks for the furniture

  2. I like those pillows! That's funny - "do buy!"

  3. I love that Chanel artwork! I would love that for my room!