Get the Look

Hello everyone!  The New Year inspires us to get  hands on in organizing our homes. For the most part, I'm wondering how this design blog will evolve.  A part of me wonders whether I should give it up, but my resolve to continue triumphed over that thought.Since I have left my 8-5 er, I have spent many months traveling and exploring, that paved the way to a lot more inspirations on its twin blog, Travel Gourmande.   I suppose it's also my way of avoiding what's next in my career.  I was about to start working for a hospitality interior design firm last year. However due to bad timing, that didn't fall through.  As I  travel light this year, my objective is to narrow down career choices by being absolutely sure what I would like to specialize in. (If you have any clue, please be so kind to tell me :)) I think the hardest was figuring out between what I should be doing and what I want to do. While I'm in that phase, this blog will be a chronicle of that search. My aim for this blog is to be with you as you design your home. If this blog can contribute in any way, then I have achieved my goal.  And it starts now..

1. Laurent Dining Chair by Freedom (Australia)  / 2. Tolix Cafe Chair by Pottery Barn  / 3.  Lyle Side Chair by Crate and Barrel / 4. Redsmith Dining Chair by Anthropologie  / 5. colors 

6. DIY recycled glass bottles with baby's breath / 7. Victoria Pendant Lamp by CB2 handcrafted iron with galvanized finish / 8. Farmhouse Recycled Timber Extension Dining table from  French Dressing / 9. Kährs Nordic Homeworx Rugged Collection Fossil Oak

Happy Tuesday everyone!



  1. Good luck sorting through what you want to do. I think you have a lot of talent as an interior designer. Whatever you do, make sure you're passionate about it!

  2. These shots surely inspire me. I swear I always wanted to have a restaurant to have a homey theme and comfortable for everyone to dine in to it and surely these chairs will add up on to that factor… Cheers!