South Indian Flavor

I'm a big fan of Indian food.  Each region of India has its own uniqueness, language and great cuisine.  You might have heard that the more you go up North, the spicier the food gets.  It doesn't mean that the southern cuisine is not spicy, it definitely is!  South India has a hot and humid climate.  It has access to fresh fruits and vegetables combined with seafood dishes.

Recently, we had a trip to a South Indian restaurant.  The cuisine mostly revolves around rice or rice based dishes.  The bowl shaped staple below is called Appam, very thin crepe-like pancake made of rice and lentil flour.  Traditionally better eaten using the hands by dipping them into the various meat and vegetable curries.  It was interesting to watch the cook prepare the appams using special cook ware.

Egg Appam with curried meat and vegetable dishes

Paneer Tikka Masala

Chicken Kadai
 One of my favorite dishes.  Dal fry this is originally a North Indian dish.  It's great combining it with appam and beef coconut fry.
Dal Fry
They're also fond of using coconut in their dishes. Frying with coconut oil. Very rarely do we find beef in Indian cuisine but there is a beef fry which is common in South India.
Beef Coconut Fry
Idlis, dosas, pappadums are often found in the cuisine.  We couldn't help sniffing while eating because of the spice.  Dare not eat if you have low tolerance for spices. :)

Bon Appetit