How to Create a Hotel-Like Bedroom

Staying at home this summer?  No vacation plans, Yet craving to jet set and travel in comfort?  Sounds familiar.  Create you own at-home 5 star hotel bedroom.  It would be a wise idea to spend the extra sunny hours this summer to decorate drawing some inspiration from stylish getaways.

1.  Think Boutique Hotels.  It's all about the colour palette

Stick to elegant neutrals.  Monochromatic tones. Think Armani. Select a primary color and a similar coordinating color for a sophisticated look. Keep the color of the ceiling and walls the same if possible or paint the ceiling in a slightly lighter shade.

Bedroom textures contemporary bedroom
                                                                                 Designed by The Couture Rooms

2.  Mix Textures

Play with fabric textures on cushions and throw still under the same monochromatic scheme.  Feel free to create an accent wallpaper feature wall above the bed if headboards are not your thing.

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3.  Lush & Plush  for the Feet
Wall to wall neutral deep pile carpet for the flooring.  If you feel uneasy with wall to wall carpeting intending to keep the existing flooring, a matching oriental area rug for a more traditional look or a shag should do it.

4. Focus on the Bed

Go for a canopy bed for extra romance.

Create an upholstered headboard to match the colour scheme.  Crisp white 400 thread count linens topped with matching cushions in darker colors to define the bed.   A good mattress is a must.  Invest in smart and luxe bed linens.  They're the best self pampering treats after working so hard.   

Place an upholstered bench at the foot of the bed.  This bench could also serve as a storage for quilts and cushions.

Oakland Master Bedroom contemporary bedroom
                                                                          Designed by Brian Dittmar Design, Inc.

5. Create a Haven of Relaxation

Your bedroom should be inviting comfort.  If you have spare space, place a chaise lounge for reading and watching TV.  Ottomans with trays for glasses of champagne or tea sets.  Create a small mini bar with a built-in small refrigerator for refreshments during late night movie marathons equipped with a small sink at the counter. Atop is a coffee machine and lots of snacks.    Night stands on either side of the bed with scented candles and fresh flowers with switches control for everything. 

Concealed speakers for sound system would be an additional touch of comfort. 

Access to fresh air and natural daylight.  Install sheer curtain and drapery with blackout lining.  Motorized drapery with the control next to the bed is the way to go.

Washington Park Tower Condo contemporary bedroom
                                                                     Design by Seattle Architect Bosworth Hoedemaker

6.  Lighting

Dimmer switch on everything.  Provide bedside reading lamps and multiple switches at the entry plus automatic closet lights.  A statement chandelier would be nice with matching wall sconces.

HHL 2010 - Bedrooms contemporary bedroom
                                                                  Designed by Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

7.  Bathroom Suite

Large vanity with makeup mirror and complete , heated towel rack, a big bathtub for two with spectacular views. A triple headed steam shower.  Treat yourself by installing a TV viewed from the bathtub.  Ample lighting equipped with sound system.

Master Bath contemporary bathroom
                                                         Design by  Charlie Simmons - Charlie & Co. Design

This post made me realize that there's a lot I could do with our own bedroom.  Perhaps no major alterations because we're just renting the house but decorating touches would transform the space.  So while we're waiting for my vacation approval, maybe I should worry less about not being able to take some time off and focus on this new project.

Have a great weekend to you all!

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