Bathroom Inspirations

New year is coming up and t'is the season of new home improvement projects. I saw these lovely vignettes during a trip to Mosaic in La Roche Sur Yon, France and was smitten by  travertine and mosaic tiles.

What's your planned home project for 2014?
Wishing you all a Happy New Year!



  1. Those are pretty tiles!

    We've got a couple things planned - painting the bedrooms in our new house, and installing a home theater in the basement.

    Thanks for the New Year's greetings!

  2. So pretty, neat and beautiful! This is really inspiring, especially when if you are going to do a remodeling at your own house:)

  3. Thanks Sherry. Installing a home theater in the basement is exciting indeed! The folks who bought my in-law's place in France is converting the basement workshop into a home theater. Great idea!

    Hi Alexandra, thanks for visiting Design Gourmande. I would love to apply it in my own house one day. That's still on the drawing board I guess. Hopefully we get to save enough to build it as soon as possible. ;)