The Little Black Jacket

When I arrived home from the airport, I found  a Chanel paper bag with a black book perched on my coffee table. It is a surprise gift from a dear friend. 

The Little Black Jacket  is a book by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld. An artistic compilation of photographs by Karl Lagerfeld of different accomplished celebrities; actors, models, designers, directors, musicians wearing Chanel's iconic little black jacket exhibiting their own individuality. 

Of course, I'd have to include two of my favorite French actors in this post; Romain Duris and Gaspard Ulliel, two of the sexiest men alive in France.

To those who are expecting a fashionable book illustrating what to wear from head to toe, this is not the book for you. This however, is an album of great timeless portraits of famous faces exuding their own personality
It's a classic coffee table book that would be lovely to browse. 
If you were to show your individual flair with  a little black jacket,
how would you style it?


P.S. A long weekend is being celebrated in the United Arab Emirates so there's officially no work today due to Israa & Miaraj Night. Offices will resume on Sunday.