De-cluttering Series: Minimizing Makeup

Since January, when I started the De-cluttering Series, I've been simplifying things around the house. This includes the daily skin regimen.  I usually feel naked without makeup. However, my aim is to focus more on simplifying what I apply on my face daily. 

Regularly updating and organizing makeup is a habit I intend to keep.  {I got both transparent organizers from IKEA}

Step 1: Sort and Evaluate
 I sorted out what I think would be the most basic items I need regularly. I kept them altogether in a separate container that is easily accessible  to me- near the bathroom sink. 

Step 2:  Store
For special occasions and special night out, I'd like to keep the makeup that I would need. Kept them tucked away in a drawer inside the closet. This includes makeup extras and reserves in case I run out. A transparent container such as this Godmorgon organizer from IKEA is great in easily finding what I need. 

Happy organizing!



  1. wow, i need to do this with allll my things. I wish i was better at putting on makeup though....


  2. I just did this last week to my cosmetics drawers, it makes life so much easier.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  3. This looks like a great way to organize makeup!

  4. You just inspired me to get organized too.

    I clean things up once a year, but things seem to have gotten away from me again.