Hotel Resort in the Desert

Living in the gulf means being more attuned to Arabic designs. I would like to post some snapshots of this beautiful internationally awarded hotel in the middle of the desert.  Al Maha Hotel Luxury Collection Desert Resort and Spa.  This was how it looked like when it was opened to the public.

Photo: Arni
It's an exclusive hideaway that takes pride in prioritizing their guests' privacy.  It is true that the guests hardly see each other.  Getting there is like crossing borders into a restricted country. You'll encounter two security check points while driving through the desert before reaching the resort. The journey to the hotel feels pretty special as the property is situated lost in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve where you'll find a lot of Arabian Oryx and gazelles.  
View from the lobby balcony
Majilis at the Lobby
Photo:  Arni
Note:  I'm going to post more images I've come across in the hotel's website to illustrate the difference then and now. There are more greenery now compared to my first and last visit.  View below the most recent pictures featured at Al Maha Resort Gallery

The design concept of the hotel was inspired by Bedouin tents. Each suite has its own private garden enclave  and private swimming pool.  A spacious lounge and two bedrooms equipped with custom made super king- sized beds. Check out more photos here 

 The suites are spaced apart so there's no possibility of running into anyone else.  It's perfect for a romantic get away.





  1. What a gorgeous place! I'd love to visit it someday!

  2. Beautiful place, I am in love with the Middle East. Some of the best times in my life were when I lived in Lebanon... part of my heart is still there. Your blog helps me dream and remember how beautiful that region is.
    Abi K

  3. Wow that is a beautiful hotel! Thank you for the comment on my mail swap. if you ever want a penpal drop me an email, more than happy to!

  4. The beauty of the desert always surprises me.

  5. That is gorgeous place .it special in the desert for entertainment.

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  6. WOW amazing pictures. Desert Safari Dubai always been a memorable trip