My Home

Welcome to my home! Interior design is my passion and I channel all my unused creative energy decorating our abode or by painting. All the artworks on the walls are photographs of various sceneries that my husband and I took during our travels. These images give us happy memories of our explorations together. We had them printed in black and white by a local printer using IKEA frames. The rest of the art pieces are my work, an abstract acrylic painting and a pen and ink sketch of the Eiffel Tower.

I'm still on the lookout for the perfect 8-seater dining set. I'm planning to purchase upholstered back dining chairs in cream or bone color. The perfect dining set I found in Falaknaz Habitat is unfortunately out of stock and was sold two hours prior to our shop visit.

Breakfast @ home with friends on a Friday morning

We very rarely watch TV, approximately twice in a month. The entertainment unit is not the focal point in our living space. Rather the conversation area with a huge suede sofa and enough seating for everyone is our priority as we love having friends over for dinner every weekend with lots of long conversations.

We are fortunate to have found a property with a great view of the garden. Perfect for relaxation.
Until next time. Have a great weekend!



  1. should have seen this earlier
    very well, very well.
    wish you get the dining set soon, therefore myself could enjoy it also

  2. Thanks Natty..hopefully it'll arrive very soon.