My 2012 Do's List

 Breathe.  Goodbye 2011.  For some inexplicable reason, 2012 holds great promise and I sense everyone is feeling it too. I smile seeing posts of optimism and joy as the new year begins. As a  seemingly self imposed tradition, I'm publishing my personal  Do's List for 2012.  Like you, I have no clear vision on what is going to happen.  One thing I strongly sense  is,  "Change".   I see possibilities in one aspect of my life changing.  I think you're the first to know if ever. For 2012,  I aim to Live as if we're dying.  I heard The Script's song a few days ago and I thought, "Yes, this is how I want life in 2012 to be. Savor each second.  Getting rid of other useless things that are unimportant. Time is valuable and are  strictly for  the ones  dear to me."

1. Learn  photography.
2.  Play the piano more often and learn new songs.
3. Speak and write very fluently in french.

1.  After the holidays, slim & trim down.
2. Walk more often.  
3. Swim regularly.

1. Meditate everyday.

1. Communicate as often as possible 
with my family back home.

1. Successful completion of the design project.
2.  Create the mural art piece.
3.  Create a new online portfolio.

1. Non-stop projects for stability.

1. Convert the guest bedroom to an artist workshop/
 home office completely.
2.  Buy the perfect pair of shoes.

2.  Explore my interest in public speaking.

That's all for now.
I will continue to make a feature as I accomplish the goals.
I'm curious to see your list! 

Happy & Smiley 2012!