Finding the Right Sofa

Isn't it daunting which type of sofa you'll purchase and from where? Does it fit our budget? Which color? Suede or leather?

Functionality and style without breaking the bank was our goal. Having moved to a new place with no IKEA to run to (now I realized there's a happy place called Lazada), we were lost in the beginning. 

This was the space before: 


1. First, Choose the right size. Space Planning

When planning your space, it's important to note that the sofa shouldn't be too large nor too small. It should be the right proportion.  Which shape would be the best within the space? L-Shaped? Curved? Rectangular? 

Are you placing a coffee table? Measure your space and leave some allowance.  Make sure there is 18'' (45 cm) distance from your coffee table to the sofa.  

If you like lounging and watching movies sinking deep in the sofa, you can go for deeper ones roughly about 40" overall depth with back cushions.  Provided your apartment has the space for it. Before buying, you can mark the size of the sofa on the floor where you're placing it using a masking tape or a cut to size paper.

The number of people living in your home + guests should be able to sit comfortably within the living room. Consider adding poufs and arm chairs to accommodate them. 

Smaller furniture for tiny spaces

2. Select Ideal Orientation of your Sofa

Where will you place it? 

Effective distance from the television screen is 3 meters. Anything beyond this distance makes TV viewing uncomfortable.  

I decided to place our sofa where the bay window is. It gives visibility towards the main entrance and the adjacent areas. It is also the first thing you'll notice as soon as you enter. In this way, visitors get a welcoming feeling after you greet them.  It's also next to the piano so guests can listen comfortably. 

Move furniture around and see which works best

3. Budget

There are many shops in the Philippines, where you can purchase loose furniture or customized pieces.  It all depends on your budget.  Ours was a tight one. I didn't want to spend more than Php 25K for a 3 seater sofa. After visiting numerous shops, I had friends most of whom are also in the Interior Design and Architecture industry recommending Mandaue Foam

Re-upholstery of an existing sofa is also another budget friendly route.

4. Functionality

Do you have kids at home?  Fabric may pose a maintenance problem with those watercolor smeared hands of theirs. Leather is more durable and easy to handle with kiddos around. There are outdoor fabric available nowadays that resists stains. Tufting will definitely store biscuit crumbs. A solid frame for occasional jumping on the sofa makes it sturdy. 
Lindsay Sofa by Mandaue Foam

5. Style

What's your home style? Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Eclectic? 

It takes commitment and boldness to go for a floral or striped sofa.
I always choose plain neutral toned sofa with subtle fabric patterns for clients.  I often play with the fabric texture and material such as suede, velvet etc.  

I can always add color and patterns to liven it up with decorative throws and pillows. In this way, I can replace the sofa later on should the color and style fade. It's easier to buy new pillows for a look upgrade.

How to Get the Look:

Fabric Selection :  There were plenty of styles to choose from at Mandaue Foam. Good news is, they have numerous fabric samples. 

Fabric I Selected

Lindsay Sofa at the Mandaue Foam Showroom
Selecting the right foot for your sofa. 

I wanted the 2 x 4 x 4 Bunfoot but it's already discontinued.  So I selected the plastic leg 204. I wanted a solid base that is not too high and it fits the Lindsay Sofa perfectly.

Confirmation and Delivery:

The sofa was priced at Php 17,500 which is a good deal! I bought a lifetime discount card from them to avail a 10% discount. 

I confirmed the quotation with their customer service while giving them a sketch of the location map.

Customization normally takes 1 month and there's an additional delivery fee because we live 60 kilometers away from the city.  However, to our surprise, it was delivered between 2 to 3 weeks upon placement of the order. It was properly packed and it arrived at home without any hassle. 

Et voila!

Happy Sofa Hunting!



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