I like mixing different shapes balancing  sharp corners and rectangular accessories such as books with round objects. I also like combining different elements together such as "metal, wood, earth, fire, etc."

Select items scrupulously. 
I didn't break the bank to get these items. You can begin with accessories that already exist in your home. Something dear to you.  However, don't over do it or it'll result to clutter. 

If you do shop for accessories, select something that reflects what you love and your interests. This meditation bowl for example is a souvenir my husband bought during his trip to Nepal.  It's also a conversation starter.  Guests are often fascinated with this singing bowl which produces a vibrating sound with the friction of the mallet. 

Choose timeless pieces. 
Avoid buying something because it's a trend.  It may lose its luster after some time unless it's something you know you will always enjoy.  

Happy Tablescaping!



  1. I love tablescaping! I currently have my three owls in a seethrough glass plate and picture books on our mediaeval royal dynasty, simple but effective and showing my style :)

  2. The perfect balance of tablescaping if I may say so.
    You put together the perfect accessories.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s


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