Cubist Cafe

If you're a coffee and design addict looking for a sheer cubist experience, head over to Grand Cafe Orient in Prague's Old Town. Originally designed by Josef Gocar, one of the founders of Czech Cubism movement in 1912.  Everything in the interior from wall covering, lighting, furniture, down to the last detail of coat hooks clearly have cubist style.

Grand Cafe Orient sits on the first floor of House of the Black Madonna, it was recreated based on its original design as seen on old photographs and remaining surviving plans and was re-opened in 2005. 

House of the Black Madonna, is currently the Czech Museum of Cubism

The ground floor features a boutique-like gallery showcasing various cubism designed furniture, artwork, accessories and souvenirs.

Experience:  I ended up enjoying a lunch of salad here alone with a gorgeous cup of coffee after my meal.  One couldn't help snapping away because of its distinctly unique style. 

Love & light,



  1. Oooh! That looks lovely! Reminds me a pinch of the art deco tea houses by Glasgow's famous architect...

  2. I really like the light fixtures in that place!