A Love Nest

Converting a tiny apartment along Sheikh Zayed Road with a great view into a cozy love nest became an easy task for Chris and Christine. I started decorating their 1 bedroom flat in Business Bay at the beginning of the year. We purchased furniture and selected fabric for the curtains which they had custom made.
Living Area
Due to some problems and inconveniences in their apartment, they found another flat in a more ideal location just walking distance from Chris' work and very easy access to Christine's as well.

It was a copy paste of sorts, which was very practical especially for expats in a cosmopolitan city like Dubai,who frequently move. As an expat, we tend to have a nomad mentality but Chris and Christine wanted to create a "cozy home"  where they can relax at the end of the day.

Here's how we did it..

We had very limited budget and in order to achieve this, we:
  • made sure to purchase well proportioned furniture size and neutral material selections. Flexible furniture that can be re-positioned.  We bought the Visalund Sofa Bed from IKEA with  Vejmon coffee table in black-brown.
  • chose fabric for the curtains along with the rods from Dragon Mart and the previous sizes fortunately fit the new apartment.
  • had a great steal which was a discounted lush Silk Rug from Merinos
  • used some furniture pieces and accessories from her previous apartment which were purchases from The One warehouse at Dubai Outlet Mall. 
She downsized a bit and let go of some furniture that didn't fit the new apartment to avoid clutter and keep her home calm and welcoming. Be not afraid to say goodbye to some pieces that will not be useful in the new space.

Speaking of which, It's a great idea to spring clean before the New Year.  Wishing you all happy holidays ahead!

Et voila!
Love & light,