Barong for Women

I can't help posting this elegantly charming ensemble from Valentino's Spring 2012 Collection.  I found this on Illustrado Magazine

This top was clearly inspired from my native country, Philippine's - National Clothing for Men- The Barong.  The same one that my husband wore to our wedding. :)

I found it stylish and creative. I've always loved the Barong. Never thought we, women could wear it too. :)
Happy Tuesday!



  1. Did I ever tell you I was born in the Philippines?

    Love to see this inspiration. I have some of my father's old shirts and I am waiting for the inspiration to cinch them on with a belt.

  2. Hi Tina, no I didn't know. That's awesome :) Seeing this ensemble makes me miss a lot of things about the Philippines. Been away for more than 9 years now.