Why Not?

How's your Sunday unfolding?  For those in the gulf, how did your weekend go?  Mine was a lazy and quiet weekend. Lots of introspection and self pampering of sorts. 

Each of us has our own definition of happiness.   Some are looking for them outwards, but the best ones are usually found within.  Not in the collection of things, but in the delightful celebration of each moment, and in the subtle yet persistent search to feel whole by finding our passion and our purpose.

I usually experience it whenever I'm holding a paintbrush as I breathe linseed oil and turpentine. A connection to God instantly takes place.  As though I was born to do exactly this.   I braved the outdoors a few times as well as the silent peeks from passersby.  I usually seek a quiet spot,  with my mp3 player  continuously giving tribute to Mozart, Vivaldi and Bach.  Everything feels right and I am tearfully ecstatic despite the fly circling around me and my utter disbelief once to see a passing boat-full of  french visitors and tourists on the water in front of my easel. To my surprise, they started taking pictures of me as the tour guide announces at the boat speaker, ''Regarde, il y a une artiste!''

I was stunned as I watched camera flashes one after another.  There's a flattering reassurance that flowed all over me that made me question, " Is that who I am supposed to be?  Une Artiste?''  A soft voice that sounded like my intuition whispering, '' Why not?"

To those of you who found joy in  what you're doing and to the rest of you who are seeking  a better place of wholeness and fulfillment.  When in doubt, I dare say, "Why not?"





  1. I am visiting from the blog mingle over at "girl with a new life". What beautiful pictures in this post! And, isn't that the ultimate compliment, to be singled out as une artiste? It kind of validates you, don't you think!

  2. Thanks Dawn, it was so unexpected after searching for many years and there it was, a confirmation. :) Thanks again for visiting.

  3. Yay. I'm happy to see Dawn dropped by from last week's mingle. We are doing this again on my blog tomorrow.

  4. Hi Tina, thanks for dropping by. I enjoyed the mingle and I can't wait to read your book. :)