Habit Forming

A wonderful Happy Easter Sunday to all of you!  What are you all up to today?  Some of us have some time off in the gulf,  while the rest have to go to work today.  I'm on  a part time work, part time vacation for the next few months, so to speak.  As this season brings forth tradition, I can't help but wonder, how did we start practicing such a tradition in general?  Perhaps it's something we have been born doing.  An activity we have grown accustomed to.  Way back from our parents' parents? A family custom?  A cultural norm?   

Let's go micro. What about our personal tradition?  Our habits.  They say that it takes between 21-28 days to form a habit. A continuous repetition of something will result to an automatic and effortless activity.   Is there a habit you wish to create for yourself?  Let's say, spending an hour reading a book after dinner instead of watching TV.  Or, going to the gym.  Doing something without thinking while avoiding that other voice giving a lot of excuses. Constant practice. 

With that, I'm making an experiment.   I, for one have always been a zero-exercise kind of gal.   Lately, I have grown a consistent desire to connect with my body.  I chose to strengthen it by swimming.  The last few weeks, I have been going to the community pool as often as I can,  everyday, if possible. Sneaking in a few laps every morning.  It's great before 8AM because the pool is empty even on a weekend! The above photo is proof that it's deserted. :) Walking a few blocks to get there is also refreshing.  I love the quiet swim, catching my steady breathing with each stroke underwater.

The effect so far has been rewarding.  I realized that waking up earlier in the morning allows one to have a good head start.  The endorphins help a lot despite the initial muscle aches.   Less stress and an inner satisfaction of being in charge. 

I recently read from an article that there are several tricks to create a new habit:
1.  Make it simple.
2.  Do it daily.  As Nike said - "Just Do It."
3.  Get a friend to do it with you.
4.  Stay consistent. Making it a particular time each day will transform it into a routine until it's automatic.
5.  It's okay to be imperfect.
6. Do it for yourself.
7. Write down your goal for this habit.
8. Lastly, reward yourself. 

So what is the good habit you wish to build?