Design Finds

I'm halfway through a fun decorating project for Shela, a dear friend.  We're doing the purchasing slowly.  The large initial expenditure went to curtains, large furniture and the most recent one is the bed. We also found an interesting shop for 700 thread counts linen at a great price :)  I must say, she's a sharp bargain hunter herself!

During our trips, I took snapshots of some interesting pieces that caught our eye.

1. Gallery Wall from The One Planet

We are going to transform one side of her dining area into a picture wall.  The husband and wife are professional photographers so it  would be ideal to showcase some of their works which could be great conversation starters during their dinner parties. 

2.  For her currently purchased comfy bed with upholstered headboard equipped with memory foam mattress.  To finish off the bedroom suite, I found this beautiful mirrored night table at Q Home Decor on sale!

3.  We also found this gorgeous clock from @Home.

Et pour moi, below is a photo of a classic typewriter from The One Planet , it is a nostalgic piece that I fancy.

That's all for now.  Hope you have a fruitful Tuesday despite the never ending tasks during this bustling work week.



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