Coffee Table Decor

Just thought of re-arranging the coffee table. I have received two books about Coco Chanel from a very dear friend as a gift.  The Design Hotels Book was also a present during a conference and The New Secrets of Style by InStyle is such a very useful fashion reference.  The tray is an old purchase from The One Planet furniture shop in Dubai. Lots of candles!  When entertaining, I never use the ceiling surface mounted luminaire ( ha! such a technical term  that comes out from someone who worked in the field of lighting-just kidding).   A lighting consultant friend, Carlos, mentioned to me that we should take advantage of indirect lighting coming out from floor lamps, table lamps positioned in very strategic areas that bring out the best within the space. It adds a soothing warm glow that washes out on the walls and furniture.  Additionally, the candles make the experience much more memorable.  

Here are more ideas and images on coffee table decorating from :
According to HGTV, key tips in decorating the centerpieces would be :

  • to keep it personal
  • to choose a theme
  • to consider scale and proportion
  • to add surprising accessories
  • to stick to odd numbers - it doesn't necessarily have to be one coffee table.
  • less is more
  • to choose containers

Have a lovely Thursday!
Happy decorating!