When I was four years old, I wasn't allowed to go out and play. Perhaps it was because living in a small apartment at the heart of the city with ten steps away from the bustling main street was not safe enough for me to be out in the open. I often looked out the window and watched the neighboring kids playing outdoor games feeling a tinge of envy as my clumsiness would often result to a gash on the knee or a small cut.

I found the comfort of playing alone in my bedroom. Tea sets, Barbie Dolls, and cut-out pictures from magazines led me to the world of make believe. The world in the eyes of a little girl are filled with possibilities and that was when I received the greatest book ever. A gift from my mother was a complete set of Childcraft books. Out of these 12 books came my favorite " PLACES to KNOW "(No. 12 Book).

Hours passed unnoticed as I marvelled the different must see places featured within this book. From the Eiffel Tower to Machu Picchu, I read it again and again from page to cover. Back in the small apartment, I dreamed to see the places and travel the world someday. I owe this book so much! This book opened my heart to the desire of travelling. From the tender age of four and more than twenty years later, I learned that the world has so much to offer. I have made a vow that I would see the places with dog ears in this book. I am blessed to have done so and will spend the rest of my life getting to know these places.