Day 2: Saturday 28th November 2009 Blackberry Funeral

Baby steps. I woke up from a nightmare that I'm about to lose my job. I found my 6 month old blackberry irrecoverable. It was completely dead. Murdered by caramel sauce. Gone. Scarlett O Hara could kiss it goodbye and I can start planning the funeral arrangements for the IT Manager to bury it 6 feet under the ground. I was afraid that would cost me USD 500 deduction from my salary. "Think on the bright side,'' I urged myself. Silence. "WHAT!" My mind went blank. I can't think of anything good out of this. "Maybe it's another sign."
Sulking for a few hours and almost cancelling movie plans with friends to see New Moon. I decided at the last minute that I should go instead of giving in to depression. Lunch, a movie with friends, book shopping and a scintillating coffee conversation catching up with my Uncle I rarely see, I would say I was more optimistic than I would have been if I had stayed home and basked in sulk fest. I wasn't able to resist a little bit of gossip and a little whining about my lack of fulfillment. I hope to do better tomorrow. Baby steps.